Board of Director Elections, 2017-2019 Term

It is time again for member corps to vote Company of Fifers & Drummers Board of Directors. The Company Board of Directors is comprised of an Administrative Committee (5 officers) and an Executive Committee (10 officers). The Administrative Committee has specific responsibilities for running the Company and the Executive Committee oversees Company activities, helps carry out the mission of the Company and reports to the body of the Company (corps delegates at quarterly General Meetings).  

2016 Junior Fife & Drum Appreciation Day

On Sunday, August 7, 2016, The Company of Fifers and Drummers celebrated Junior Fife & Drum Appreciation Day. The afternoon included performances by two junior corps followed by an open jam session.  

Thank you to our performers, the Marlborough Junior Ancient Fife & Drum Corps of Marlborough, Connecticut and the William Diamond Junior Fife and Drum Corps of Lexington, Massachusetts. You are both appreciated for your talent and time.  Plus, you are carrying on the tradition and keeping fifing and drumming alive in our great nation!

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Update on Your Company Hall

Sometimes things occur in life that make you sit and contemplate why.  Then there are the times when you’re in complete awe of the results of an event and the why’s become non-existent.  This is the feeling one gets from the response by all of you who answered the call for help. 

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2016 National Muster Registration is now open!

To register your corps, go to:

The Registration Form is found at the bottom of the homepage.

Company Hall Update

It’s now early June with the muster season upon us.  It is the time in our lives that gives us some of our greatest joy.  There is nothing like seeing the happiness that we bring to the audiences, that watch and listen to the music of our great country.  We are blessed with the ability to do so.  Without further adieu, I ask you to pardon me for not being with you at the Ole Toga Muster.  To Rich and Mary, I hope all goes well and everyone enjoys your efforts.

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